Fake Tanning 'the Privates'

Whether you are a man or a woman, fake tanning your private parts may be something you are interested in doing.

Fake tanning sensitive areas in tanning beds is usually not recommended because of the concentrated UV light that the skin will be exposed to. Remember that many sensitive areas have probably never been exposed to the sun and are therefore, very susceptible to burning. For women, the nipples of the breasts and 'south of the border' areas should be covered. Think about it, would you want to walk around with a bad burn on those areas? Doesn't sound too pleasant.

Men should also exercise precaution in tanning booths. Although their sensitive areas are not as sensitive as a woman's, they may still consider covering up in order to prevent painful side effects. There are products on the market that will help you cover that area, or you could decide to just use a sock. Ankle socks work perfectly. If you choose not to cover up, make sure that you are careful with the amount of time you spend inside the tanning booth and that you have a towel handy to cover things up if it gets too heated.

One important aspect of using a tanning bed while you are completely in the buff is making sure that the machines are clean. Although it isn't recommended that you clean the beds yourself, do keep an eye on staff as they wipe up between each customer. Make sure that they clean both the bottom, top, and anywhere else that may be touched on the booth. If they don't do this correctly EVERY time, seriously consider using another salon.

Fake tanning lotions may be a better alternative to getting some color in your private areas without risking a burn. Women should take care to smooth tanner over their breasts in a sweeping motion. Remember to get the underside and sides of the breasts as well. Self tanners are not recommended for use on the private areas of women because of the risk of mucus membrane exposure to DHA. Cosmetically speaking, it probably wouldn't be a good idea anyway. Men can use self tanner on their privates as well. The chemical is safe for use on the outside skin on your body but it's probably best not to let it find a way inside. Keep a towel on hand to handle any pooling, usually around the belly button area.

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless tanning lotion is a wonderful option for women who are pregnant but still want to get, or keep, a tanned glow. Although there is a lot of precaution surrounding the use of tanning beds, not much is being said about self tanners.
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Face Tanning

Self tanning is usually a simple process that helps ensure that you stay golden all year long. While getting a smooth tan on your body may be easy, preventing face tanning mistakes could actually take some major precautions.
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Tanning Supplies

Tanning has become serious business and whether you opt for an at home or a salon tan, there are tanning supplies you need to make sure you always have on hand. Supply 1.
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Airbrush Tan

If you're getting ready for a romantic getaway with that special man in your life, definitely consider an airbrush tan to help make your skin look fresh and young throughout your trip. In fact, an airbrush tan is the fastest, safest, most worry-free and highly recommended method of tanning before a big event.
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Dark tanning lotion can be a quick and really effective way of getting that deep tan you've always wanted. However, because it is usually so obvious, working with it can be challenging.